Food + Drink
Wedding Day

The food and drinks are on us. There, now nobody has to ask!

Something for everyone!

Here you’ll find a summary of the days planned moments that involve food + drinks, below you’ll find more details. This is not set in stone, it’s just a guideline for us, our photographer and the catering. The staff can provide you with refreshments from off the time of your arrival.

Celebration drinks after the ceremony. Followed by coffee, tea and sweets. Later in the evening a family style dinner.


We believe a wedding is a celebration, so directly after the ceremony we’re going to be serving some Prosecco. We’ll have it with or without alcohol + a child’s version!


Coffee + Tea will be served while the group photographs are being taken. If you find yourself in need of something other than coffee or tea, please inform the staff.


We’ll be cutting the wedding cake together with our professional photographer on hand. Then the dessert bar will be opened. You’ll find a selection of cakes & pies.


Dinner will be ‘family style’. This to us means we’ll all get to sit together on one table where all of the dishes can be passed around, just as if we were having a family dinner.

The dinner menu will be online soon for you to view. You’ll be receiving a formal invite which will ask you to pick your main course, this is important so that no food is wasted. If you want to change something that is always possible! We can give changes to the catering in the days before the ceremony, so no worries if you change your mind at some point.

Refreshments – wine, soda, water, juice, beer and other drinks will be available after the cake cutting moment and throughout the evening. Hard alcohol will be available at the reception.

Below you’ll find a form where you can inform us of any dietary restrictions, preferences (ex. vegan, vegetarian or gluten free). This will also be available as an option with your r.s.v.p. which can be done with the post or digitally.

Also please communicate any special needs or requests (ex. wheelchair, highchairs, or booster seats). Preferences, for example, how you want your meat cooked can be given to the staff after you’ve been seated.

After the ceremony, before the groups photographs, we will be giving you, our guests a photo opportunity. Phones, cameras and other devices aren’t allowed during the ceremony but, we wouldn’t dream of keeping you from snapping photos during other moments of the day!

Contact Form

Please give us any information that will make the day more enjoyable for  you.

Please give us information regarding diet or special needs using the contact form or emailing us at